Three Tasty Recipes to Celebrate the Last Month of Summer

Cheers to the last month of summer! The weather is cooling down and the leaves are slowly changing. Swimming pools are being covered and the fall clothing is being scouted. Before you lug your grill into a secluded area light it up for these last summer hurrah meals.

Grilled Steak and Parmesan Salad

You can never go wrong with topping your salad with a steak fresh off of the grill. Prepare this Grilled Steak and Parmesan Salad (recipe here) for your mid-day summer meal. Start by placing your steak of choice and Italian salad dressing in Ziploc bag to be marinated. Once marinated, grill your steak until thoroughly cooked. In a bowl, toss your greens with tomatoes, squash and Italian dressing. Top your salad with thin slices of steak and parmesan cheese. Serve on festive platter.

Rain or Shine Barbecue

The summer can be filled with lots of rainy days preventing you from cooking outside. Here’s a simple Rain or Shine Barbecue (recipe here) dish for any weather. First, blend together Russian or French dressing of your choice with apricot preserves and onion soup mix. Bake or grill your preferred meat (chicken or ribs) then brush with your previously mixed glaze. After glazed, place on heat until meat is thoroughly done. Savor this flavorful dish on your porch or balcony in the warm weather.

Curried Ham, Broccoli and Corn Salad

It’s never a last summer hurrah without a signature cookout dish like Curried Ham, Broccoli and Corn Salad (recipe here). In a bowl, combine stems and flowerets of broccoli, corn and ham. In a food processor, add broccoli stems, mayonnaise, orange zest and juice, powder and Worcestershire sauce and process to a smooth consistency. Pour sauce over salad mixture and coat evenly. Add this dish to our previously mentioned rain or shine barbecue to complete your dish. Although summer is coming to an end, we have more scrumptious meals for this fall!