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For more than 90 years, the Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS) has represented the interests of the industry. In this news section, you’ll find trends and news affecting the industry, as well as news of the ADS awards. Each year, ADS selects products to receive the Dressing of the Year, Sauce of the Year and Package of the Year awards. These prestigious awards recognize excellence and innovation in products related to our industry. Awards are presented at our Annual Meeting, held each fall.


Industry News


Third Wave Bioactives – reFRESH® 386 Cultured Onion/Natural Flavor

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Third Wave Bioactives next generation of clean label technologies combine whole, natural foods with innovative fermentation technology, taking freshness and flavor to new heights. Third Wave Bioactives has applied its knowledge of microbial fermentation to traditional food components, creating vegetable juice powders capable of controlling common spoilage and pathogenic bacteria in thermally-processed foods and beverages, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives.  reFRESH combines the whole food flavor of onions with the traditional protection of cultured products.  You get both flavor and function.  Learn more here.


International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. – GUARDIAN® Chelox 30C

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Natural claims are evolving, and consumers are seeking products with increasingly shorter ingredient lists, at the same time, maintaining freshness and safety in final natural products has never been more challenging.   IFF’s new GUARDIAN® Chelox 30C is designed to effectively secure quality over the desired shelf-life of mayonnaise-based products, egg-containing dressing, and spreads.  It is a cost-effective, high-performing solution, with multifunctional properties including antioxidant, texturizing and moisture retention properties.  Discover the possibilities with IFF.


Ingredion IncorporatedEVANESSE™ CB6194 Chickpea Broth (Clean Label Emulsifier)

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EVANESSE™ CB6194 clean label emulsifier delivers the emulsification performance of traditional additives and the appeal of a single, recognized ingredient, “chickpea broth,” without compromising taste and texture.  It is ideal for replacing eggs, OSA starches and other artificial emulsifiers in applications such as low and high-fat vegan, spreadable, spoonable, and pourable dressings (e.g., mayonnaise, aioli, etc.), white cooking sauces (e.g., Alfredo, Béarnaise, bechamel, etc.), and in ready meals. The vegan emulsifier delivers a mouthfeel and texture comparable to traditional emulsifiers, has good heat and freeze/thaw stability, and is easy to disperse and emulsify.  Learn more here.


Herbstreith & Fox, Inc. – Apple Fiber: Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple A09 – Perfect tomato-based savory sauces with Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple Fiber A09

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To compensate for the loss of texture in no added sugar tomato-based savory sauces, our multifunctional fibers, especially the Herbacel AQ Plus Apple-A 09 is the perfect choice.   Create your new indulgent recipe and choose from Herbafood´s multifunctional fiber range, a perfect solution, which delivers precise adjustment of yield point, optimal flavor release and good texture.    Learn more here.