It is Turkey Time

The aroma of food cooking overpowering the kitchen takes full control of your senses. Families gather together to give thanks and partake in one of the largest meals of the year, Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re in need of a new Thanksgiving recipe this year try the tasty turkey and stuffing bake. You’ll need the following:

1 4-½ oz. Jar Sliced mushrooms
¼ C. Butter or margarine
½ C. Diced celery
½ C. Chopped onion
1 ¼ C. Ranch dressing, divided
2/3 C. Water
3 C. Seasoned stuffing mix
1/3 C. Sweetened dried cranberries
3 C. (about 1 Lb.) Coarsely shredded cooked turkey


Start by preheating the oven for 350 degrees. Afterwards rinse your celery and onions off with warm water. Next, dice the vegetables to fill half of a cup. Then, drain your jar of mushrooms into a container to reserve the liquid. In a large skillet, melt butter using medium high heat. Add your previously chopped celery and onions into the heated pan to cook for four minutes or until they soften.

Once the vegetables have been softened, remove the pan from the medium high heat. Add half of a cup of ranch dressing, water and the reserved mushroom liquid to the celery and onions pan. Stir the dressing mixture thoroughly.  Afterwards add three cups of your deliciously seasoned stuffing mix along with a third of a cup of sweetened dried cranberries into the dressing mixture. Mix well until stuffing is thoroughly moistened.

Finally, grab a separate bowl to combine the turkey, mushrooms and three-fourths of a cup of dressing. Blend the ingredients well. Separately, grease an eight inch baking dish. This will prevent the mixture from sticking when added to the dish. Next, apply the mixture into the baking dish and spread it evenly. Then top the mixture with the stuffing and bake for 40 minutes. Remove your dish once it becomes brown and bubbly. Allow the dish to cool down then bon appetit! Enjoy this scrumptious new addition to your Thanksgiving meal.