Recipe: Raw Vegetable Tray with Horseradish Vegetable Dip

1 (8-oz.) Carton T. Marzetti Horseradish Vegetable Dip [Chopped Salad]
Cut up assorted vegetables as follows and arrange neatly on a tray.
Carrots: Slice into thin sticks or slices.
Cucumber: Cut into ¼ inch slices or cut into 1 inch thick slices, remove some of the seeds and fill depression with dip.
Mushrooms: Leave whole, wash and cut off bottom of stem.
Green Onions: Cut roots off, remove any damaged leaves, trim to a uniform length.
Sweet Peppers: Cut into strips, rings or chunks.

Radishes: Cut off stem and root end. Long radishes can be cut into an accordion shape by slicing almost through the narrow side and round radishes can be cut into roses by cutting thin strips down the side of the radish like petals. Soak in ice water to open up radishes.
Tomatoes: Large tomatoes can be cut intowedges or cherry tomatoes can be left whole.
Turnips: Cut turnips into thin slices or sticks.

Recipe and photograph provided by T. Marzetti Company.