Your New Fall Favorite: Artichoke Salad

This Balsamic artichoke heart salad is a great fall dish! The crunch of the fresh peppers and flavor of the parsley with the juice of the artichoke and punch of balsamic vinaigrette is quite the powerful flavor combination and so simple to make!

First, chop all of your ingredients: 8 1/2 oz can of artichoke hearts, 1 C red peppers, 1 C yellow peppers and 1/2 C parsley. I chopped my peppers length wise, but you can also cut them once more down the middle for bite sized pieces. Then, make sure your parsley is chopped very finely so you get an even amount of flavor in each bite. Next, drain and halve a can of artichoke hearts. What I learned from buying artichoke hearts for the first time is that they come in different sizes. For this dish I would suggest getting the smallest size possible.

Once everything has been chopped, combine it all in a bowl with your favorite balsamic vinaigrette. The recipe calls for a full bottle, but I found that using about half of a bottle was plenty.

Now all that's left is to serve and enjoy! This salad would make a delicious side to something like this tasty balsamic chicken.