Touchdowns, Tailgates and Tasty Treats!

Touchdowns, tackles and tailgating all signify that football season has arrived. Game days become intense when you’re forced to pick a team for the new season but selecting food options should be as easy as DOWN-SET-HUT. Here are a few starter and entrée selections that will help make food choices for this football season easier to accomplish.    

Kickoff Starter

Kickoff your tailgate with a buffalo chicken dip to start the game day off right. Starting with your shredded cooked chicken, spice it up with cayenne pepper sauce or your favorite Buffalo wings sauce. Bring the edge to this dip by adding crumbled blue cheese or any cheese of your choice along with a softened cream cheese to create a base. With all of these ingredients combined you’ll have a great kickoff dish served with a side of pretzels or tortilla chips.

Game Changer Grilled Chicken Quesadillas

Chow down on these tasty grilled chicken quesadillas when the scoreboard isn’t to your liking. Fill your tortilla with grilled chicken straight off of the grill, add refried beans, black olives, and an assortment of cheeses from Monterey jack to cheddar. Score points with your guests by topping off the quesadilla with a zesty jalapeno ranch or lite salsa ranch dip.

Touchdown Treats

Focusing on your team reaching the in-zone at a tailgate can be a heated situation. Cool down your tailgate party with delicious caramel vanilla yogurt pops. This mouthwatering treat carries flavors of vanilla, caramel and apple with an added crunch of granola. Slide this treat in the freezer for a few hours to enjoy for your ultimate touchdowns.

While you’re munching on your delicious food don’t forget to socialize with other tailgaters. You never know what delicious dressings and sauces will be on their grill.