Foods that Rock: Tasty Delectables for your Outdoor Concerts

Hot weather, loud music and a wonderful time means that music festival season has arrived. If you’re going to a few outdoor concerts this summer or just enjoy festival foods overall, here are three easy do it yourself sandwich recipes to recreate in your kitchen.

Ranch Chicken Fajita Salad Wrap

Chicken and ranch are a match made in heaven for your festival desires especially in this Ranch Chicken Fajita Salad Wrap. Start by combining your list of wet and dry ingredients. Next, coat boneless chicken breast with the previously combined ingredients to be marinated for 30 minutes. On a grill, char your poblano pepper on all sides then place aside. Then over medium high heat fully cook your marinated chicken, bell peppers and onions and transfer to a plate. After, slice your previously cooked poblano peppers and coat your lettuce in ranch dressing. Roll up the ingredients in a warmed or cold flour tortilla. Devour this scrumptious sandwich hot or cold as you’re waiting for the next band to perform.

Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Light and quick selections are a wonderful choice for outdoor concerts. If you’re in the mood for a Mediterranean meal then you’ll love this Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. In a dish of your choice, combine Italian salad dressing, horseradish, balsamic vinegar and parsley for a marinade. Then, pour over zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and onion. After, stir-fry vegetables until tender-crisp. Once fully cooked, distribute vegetables evenly on your choice of bread. Pair this with a refreshing drink that will keep you hydrated and energized throughout the various performances.

Sicilian Tomato-Basil Wrapwich

Chowing down on something so simple at a music festival is key to a great meal choice. Here’s a quick and easy Sicilian Tomato-Basil Wrapwich. On a fajita sized tortilla, squeeze mayonnaise generously and spread thoroughly. Afterwards, layer arugula, tomatoes, cheese and basil in the center of each tortilla and drizzle with Italian dressing. Roll it up like a burrito and consume this savory wrap as you enjoy the stage view.