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Why Join The Association For Dressings and Sauces?

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a supplier, whether your company is big or small, retail or foodservice, branded or private label, whether you’re in marketing or new product development, the challenges are many in this industry.  You can’t afford to miss crucial networking opportunities available only at The Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS) Technical Meetings in the Spring and Annual Meetings in the Fall.  The topics are many, diverse, controversial and timely.  When you come away from an ADS meeting, you come away with fresh perspective and real solutions.

Open New Doors

Relationships are founded and forged at ADS meetings.  ADS members, manufacturers and suppliers, veteran players and rookies, can attest to the accessibility you’ll have to the right people in the right places at the right time.  That’s because ADS meetings, with a single focus on dressings and sauces, are small enough (usually no more than 250 attendees) and large enough (most of this industry is represented) to meet every need.  At an ADS meeting, you may well find yourself seated across the table from your next business relationship.

Maintain Your Product's Positive Image

With The Association for Dressings and Sauces’ staff working the front line on your behalf, you have at your disposal capable and experienced media spokespersons with a knowledge of your industry unparalleled by any public relations agency.  ADS’ consumer awareness initiatives tout this industry’s various products.  Under the direction of the Consumer Awareness Committee, ADS’ promotional projects vary from year to year with the goal of maximum consumer outreach. For several years, ADS has taken the lead in debunking the “mayo myth.”  Make Mine Mayonnaise:  The Goodness of Mayonnaise provides the facts on mayonnaise safety and heathfulness.

Toughen Your Legal and Regulatory Stance

As a member of ADS, you save countless hours of your staff’s time and legal fees for tracking and interpreting complicated state and federal regulations and legislation. Your company, as one of 150+ other dressing and sauce manufacturers and suppliers, will also be able to minimize visibility without getting lost in the shuffle when raising questions or responding to government proposals. The unified voice of industry members, working together through ADS, increases the probability of effective regulatory and legislative intervention.

Add complete, accurate and timely staff and legal counsel interpretations to the specialized dressing and sauce focus, and you have what sets this Association apart from all others. Each year, ADS staff responds to hundreds of member calls on labeling, regulatory and technical matters.

Make an Impact in the Industry

Once you are a member, consider getting involved with an ADS Committee. From the Membership Advisory Council and Finance Committee to the Executive Technical Board and Packaging Committee, there are many ways your company can be play a larger role in crafting the industry.  Learn more about the committees.

Unlock Proprietary Resources

ADS offers several technical manuals and all are offered exclusively online. 

The Quality Assurance Guidelines Manual is a complete workbook designed to help dressing and sauce manufacturers establish quality assurance programs.  It identifies critical control points and procedures for monitoring manufacturing systems.

The Methods and Procedures Manual provides recommendations for actual testing procedures and quality control methods used in state-of-the-art production of dressing and sauce products.

The Packaging Manual:  A reference manual for the Dressings & Sauces Industry provides members with basic information regarding portion control and flexible packaging.  The manual serves as a guide for selecting and using packaging materials and equipment in plants.

Food Safety and Mayonnaise:  Facts About Commercial Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing is a collection of scientific literature confirming that commercial mayonnaise and salad dressings are bactericidal for foodborne illness organisms.  Included are:

  • abstracts of research and opinions from authoritative sources dating as far back as 1940,
  • a backgrounder on mayonnaise safety, and
  • a consumer-friendly brochure Make Mine Mayonnaise that sets the record straight about food safety and commercial mayonnaise.

The package is routinely updated and sent to federal and state regulatory officials, as well as media contacts, to educate them on the safety of mayonnaise.

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