September is National Food Safety Education Month

Celebrate September as National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM). As the international trade association for the manufacturers of mayonnaise, salad dressings, and condiment sauces and the suppliers to the industry, the Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) provides information about the safety of commercial dressing and sauce products.

For nearly 70 years, members of the scientific and regulatory communities have conducted research and published articles documenting the safety of commercially prepared dressings and sauces, including mayonnaise.

Commercially prepared mayonnaise and mayonnaise-type dressings contain pasteurized eggs. These products are prepared under strict quality control guidelines, in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s good manufacturing practices. Additional ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice create a high-acid environment that slows or even stops bacterial growth. Commercial mayonnaise is perfectly safe when stored at room temperature; however, refrigeration ensures the mayonnaise maintains its fresh flavor for a longer period of time. 

The ADS website offers informational resources about food safety:

Food Safety Facts: Mayonnaise & Dressings, details the long-standing safety record of commercial products.
Make Mine Mayonnaise: Contains information to educate consumers about the safety and goodness of mayonnaise.

With all foods, the inadvertent introduction of pathogens must be avoided. Consumers, restaurant and foodservice distributors and operators must adhere to sanitary food handling practices in dealing with all foods to ensure safety. These recommendations are consistent with the principles highlighted in the annual NSFEM curriculum, which is based on the ServSafe® food safety training and certification program.

About National Food Safety Education Month:

National Food Safety Education Month was created in 1994 to heighten the awareness about the importance of food safety education. Each year a new theme and free training activities and posters are created for the restaurant and foodservice industry to help reinforce proper food safety practices and procedures. For more information, visit