2024 Technical Meeting - Meeting Program - The Association for Dressings & Sauces

2024 Technical Meeting – Meeting Program

Monday, May 6
General Session

Welcome and Introductions

Presented by Rosalee Del Campo, ADS Staff
Director of Regulatory & Technical Affairs

Chair’s Address

Presented by Dorrie Francis, Litehouse, Inc.
Executive Technical Board Chair

Excel Under Pressure While Building Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

Presented by Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney, Retired U.S. Airforce and Air National Guard

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

Food Regulatory Update

Krista Hekking, Covington & Burling
ADS Legal Counsel

Hekking Krista

Krista Hekking

Dressings and Sauces Flavor Trends

Presented by:
Gerrie Bouchard, IFF
Chris Warsow, Bells Flavors & Fragrances

Gerrie Bouchard

Gerrie Bouchard

Christopher Warsow

Christopher Warsow

Sauce-101 Workshop

Moderated by Nitin Joshi, PepsiCo

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Nitin Joshi


Presented by:
Daryan Johnson, Kagome USA
Tina Richards, Solina
Rachel Smith, Develey Mustard and Condiments

Daryan Johnson Kagome

Daryan Johnson

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Information Open House

Tuesday, May 7
General Session

RTE Regulatory Landscape in the United States 

Presented by Frank Yiannas, Former FDA Deputy Commissioner

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Frank Yiannas

ADS Risk Assessment Study

Presented by Dr. Don Schaffner, Rutgers University

Dr. Schaffner (1)

Dr. Don Schaffner

Microbiological Safety of Sauces and Dressings

Presented by Grant Hedblom, Ph.D., Neogen

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Grant Hedblom

Certifications Overview

Presented by Kim Sobotka, QIMA/WQS

Kim Sobotka

Kim Sobotka

Roadmap For a Successful RTE Dressing

Moderated by Michael Ryan, Sauer Brans, Inc.
Presented by:
Jeff Crace, The California Garlic Company – Garlic King
Jeremy Fair, Chesapeake Spice
Keith Neimeyer, T. Marzetti Company
Patty Wehrung, T. Hasegawa USA

Jeff Crace

Jeff Crace

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Jeremy Fair