About The Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS)

The Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS) was founded in 1926 and represents manufacturers of salad dressing, mayonnaise and condiment sauces and suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment to this segment of the food industry. Its purpose is to serve the best interests of industry members, its customers, and consumers of its products through a governing body of a 16-member Board of Directors and eight working committees, including the Executive Technical Board; the Quality Assurance and Technical Committees; the Consumer Awareness Committee; the Packaging Committee; the Membership Advisory Council; and the Horseradish Information Council. Day-to-day administration of ADS is managed by The Kellen Company, a leading global professional services company with offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Brussels, Chicago, New York, Denver, Kansas City and Washington D.C.

ADS Members

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Members of ADS meet twice a year. The Annual Meeting in the Fall has a marketing focus. The Spring Technical Meeting emphasizes science-based issues and includes an Information Open House (an informal tabletop exhibit) and new product and services presentations by members. Additionally, several networking opportunities are provided at both meetings. It is through this non-proprietary exchange of information that ADS members realize some of the greatest benefits of industry collaboration.

Technical Program

The Association maintains an extensive technical program, which is overseen by the Executive Technical Board (ETB). The ETB is comprised of upper-management individuals from Manufacturing and Supplier members with technical expertise in the dressings and sauces industry. The ETB, along with the other technical committees of the Association, addresses the specific needs of dressing and sauce manufacturers.

Industry Promotion

ADS' Consumer Awareness/Foodservice Committee directs activities related to the users of industry products -- at home and in restaurants. This effort is accomplished through a number of projects with promotions, such as May as National Salad Month, in an effort to increase the consumption of salad dressings and sauces, a video news release providing educational information on the safe handling of mayonnaise, and the ADS Web site, providing historical and trend information about industry products.


The Membership Advisory Council capitalizes on member talent, promoting ADS membership through recruitment and retention strategies.  This group also provides input to improve industry programs for the benefit of all members.  The Chair of this Committee sits on the Board of Directors.


There are several resources, provided by the Association, available to the members. The Methods and Procedures Manual provides recommendations for actual testing procedures and quality control methods used in the production of dressing and sauce products. The Quality Assurance Manual is designed to assist dressing and sauce manufacturers in establishing quality assurance programs. ADS' Labeling Manual offers the most current interpretations of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. The Association's newest manual, The Packaging Manual: A Reference Manual for the Dressings and Sauces Industry, provides basic information regarding the portion control and flexible packaging industry. Searchable electronic versions of the Manuals, as well as other ADS publications, are included on the ADS Web site (www.dressings-sauces.org) under the Members Only section.

Industry Communication

Industry and Association issues are communicated through the ADS LinkedIn group, which is exclusive to ADS members, quarterly newsletters, electronic transmissions, and an Annual Report. All ADS members have access to an online Membership Directory, published annually, which includes a complete listing of every Manufacturer and Supplier with key personnel, plant locations and products and services identified.