What consumers should know about dressings and sauces

Welcome to the Island Life: Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Looking for a recipe to transport you to a tropical island? This Hawaiian Chicken Salad will make you wish you were sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand. Ingredients and instructions are simple.

Buffalo goes bleu

This dip recipe is perfect for a large group gathering. It definitely makes enough to feed a crowd so start calling your friends over now! Another plus, it’s super quick and easy to make.

Which wing will you bring?

Question one: What party is complete without a tasty platter of wings? Answer: NONE! Question two: What flavor of wings should you make? Answer: it’s a tough choice, but below are five of our favorite wing flavors along with their recipes.

Egg-stravagent Breakfast Bake

This breakfast bake makes a great brinner (breakfast for dinner) or you can prepare it on a Sunday night and have your breakfasts set for the week! You can also tailor this recipe to your favorite foods and really make it unique to you.

Score big at your parties with Salsa Ranch Dip

Grab a bowl and these four ingredients and get ready for a deliciously simple game day treat. If you’re looking for something for your favorite sports parties, this is it. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare and proved to be a HUGE hit among my friends.

Spicy or Sweet? You decide with this Cheddar-Green Onion Dip

Here’s a recipe you’ll want to make sure to bookmark for upcoming parties. It’s incredibly easy to make, but it does require about a day to set, so make sure to plan ahead. Making this dish is incredibly easy! First, chop up your pecans into pieces (or buy them pre chopped). Then, do the same with your green onions.

The South Meets Italy with Bacon and Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Alright, let’s just start by saying if this recipe didn’t catch your eye with just the name, stop reading now. I mean bacon and barbecue…? Come on, that’s a perfect combination! Then add pizza and can it even get better? No. So if you’ve made it this far, here’s what you need to make this delicious dinner

It’s In the Bag: Packaged Salad Kits

With more desire to eat healthy and seemingly less and less time to do so, a new trend has emerged: the healthy prepackaged meal. These range from delivery services that provide you fresh ingredients and a recipe on a weekly basis to prepared kits you can get at your local grocery store. In this case we’re going to be talking about salad kits.

Mexican stuffed peppers – a spicy twist on an American favorite

November’s Recipe of the Month is Mexican Stuffed Peppers. Your family is sure to love these soft bell peppers stuffed with rice, ground beef and salsa and topped with cheddar cheese and crushed tortilla chips. First, heat your oven to 400 degrees F. Next, prepare your ingredients by chopping your onion, cooking your rice and removing the tops and veins from your bell peppers. 

Redefining “French” Fries

This recipe is perfect if you’re looking for something to tide over a hungry group of kids or for a potluck. The best part is, it’s super easy to make. No measuring is required and it’s done in less than 20 minutes! First, cook your French fries based on the package instructions

Festive Fall Fare: Roasted Corn Pudding

Fall is here and that means it’s time for recipes featuring your favorite fall veggies! In this case, some tasty corn on the cob for your Roasted Corn Pudding. The first thing you want to do is to prepare and measure out all of your ingredients. It’ll make the rest of the recipe so much easier. Go ahead and start roasting your corn and red bell pepper while you chop and dice the remaining ingredients.

Spreading the Word About Mayonnaise

Traditionally mayonnaise is thought of as something to spread on sandwiches or burgers. It turns out this creamy condiment has more uses and cooking appeal than you may have imagined.  Now, more people are realizing its health-friendly ingredients and versatility as something other than a condiment.

"Thai" this simple pasta salad

This is a recipe you’ll love if you’re a novice cook like me, but still want to enjoy an amazing Asian inspired dish on a time crunch! While there are measurements involved, you can really use as much or as little of everything as you want. (It also makes it really difficult to mess up!) 

Spicy Summer Sausage

Grilling and summer are synonymous and this recipe is perfect for both. It has the perfect amount of kick to satisfy your need for a little heat. First, heat up your grill (or in my case, my stove-top grill). Next, finely dice the onion and jalapeños. Heat a pan on your stove and add in half of your garlic French fry sauce and your onion and pepper mixture that you just chopped. Leave those to sauté for a few minutes.

Salad on a Stick? Here's How and Why

We all know that salads can sometimes be difficult to take with you during the summer, but we also all want to eat healthier. So what can you do? We’ve talked about Mason jars as great travel companions, but you can also use something you probably have on hand from your last barbecue: skewers. A salad skewer makes a great hors d’oeuvre for a party or a side for a summer picnic and they’re super easy to make.

Get ready for grilling season with Balsamic Chicken Kabobs

Grilling season is officially under way and these Balsamic Chicken Kabobs are a dish that the whole family will love. First, take your wooden skewers (I used a few more than 6) and put them in water to soak while you prepare the remaining ingredients. I like to start with the non-meat ingredients so I can save myself some hassle and don’t have to worry about using several cutting boards and knives. 

Spice up your salad with Cajun chicken

Take your salad to the next level with Cajun chicken and bleu cheese dressing. This salad is also a great way to hit most of your major food groups with just one meal. It’s as easy as it gets to make and only takes about 15 minutes including prep time.

Mix up a new kind of salad this National Salad Month

Salad comes in all shapes, sizes, color and textures, but we’re going to share a few of our favorites and how to make them both healthy and delicious. Varieties in salads can date all the way back to the Roman Empire. As the Romans expanded their empire they took with them the salad. As they reached new regions with different types of lettuce and dressings available to them, what constituted a salad varied greatly. 

That’s a wrap! Now make it a Southwestern one

This is by far the easiest lunch you can make! The kick of salsa with the creaminess of the mayonnaise is irresistible and will make even the pickiest of eaters wanting more. First, combine your mayonnaise and salsa in a small bowl and stir until they are well incorporated. Next, take one of your large tortillas and spread the mixture on ¾ of it. 

Get your Game On with these Winning Recipes

Championship games mean top of the line get togethers with friends and family and ultimately, fantastic food options. While gorging on your favorite game-day snacks is easy, being responsible for bringing a dish that everyone will love can prove more challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this game day guide to help you impress your friends with your culinary skill and basketball knowledge!

Just winging it – first attempt at making Cocktail Wings

I’ll start by saying, this recipe is not for someone looking for a quick meal. While delicious, these wings take time to prepare and more time to cook properly, but you will not be disappointed at the end of it. The process is relatively simple despite the time it takes. First, gather the ingredients below:

Spice up your Big Game Party with Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups

If you’re looking for a way to add some variety to your Big Game party, then look no further! This recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups is a must have and while, yes, it sounds like it was made for people who can handle a lot of spice, it really is delicious for all palates.

Get healthy with the help of a salad a day and the USDA Dietary Guidelines

Every five years, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) releases their Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In January of 2016, they released the guidelines for 2015-2020 to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle and to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Here are a few ways the USDA suggests bettering your diet.

The easiest way to impress your guests: Ranch Veggie Bruschetta

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Attending one? What about just entertaining some family? No matter what your holiday plans are, this recipe is sure to please. With only 6 ingredients and a dash of salt, you can awe your family and friends with a combination of two party favorites: ranch and vegetables + bruschetta = Ranch Vegetable Bruschetta (and yes, it is as good as it sounds).

Dress up your green beans and be the perfect holiday guest

This recipe is definitely the simplest one that I have made in a long time. It’s an easy green beans recipe and is perfect to take along as your contribution to any holiday party. It only requires six ingredients and a pot and bowl of water. Get a big pot and fill it with water and place it over medium heat. I learned on Worst Cooks in America to add a dash of salt to the water for more flavor. 

Bring the heat to your salad this winter

With the weather getting chilly and the blankets coming out, it’s only fitting that your food starts to warm up to counteract the cold. You start heading for the soup and chili more than the salad, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can warm yourself up and still enjoy a tasty salad; all you need is a warm salad.

7 more ways to use salad dressings this holiday season

According to research by the Association for Dressings & Sauces and conducted by Turner Research Network, Americans use pourable salad dressings in far more ways than you would expect. A study of 866 respondents, aged 18-65, who purchased pourable salad dressings in the past 12 months found that aside from the traditional use on a green salad, pourable dressings are commonly used in 7 other ways.

Simplify your Friendsgiving with a bottle of salad dressing

Have you ever heard the saying “friends are the family you choose for yourself?” I have. I’ve also found myself hundreds of miles away from my family during the holidays. It can be lonely, yes, but it can also be exciting. It leads to opportunities to try new things and create new memories and traditions, one of which is far from unique to me, but something I believe everyone should try nonetheless. 

Start your metabolism and your day with a salad

Although breakfast may be the most difficult meal to fit into your schedule, the old adage of it being “the most important meal of the day” rings true according to researchers at Michigan State University. A study performed at the University found that the consumption of a well-rounded breakfast can decrease a persons’ risk for diabetes and heart disease.

A new Fall favorite: Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

If you’re looking for a new recipe to spice up your holiday meals, or any fall meal for that matter, then this one is for you. Its key ingredient has also been named as one of CNN’s superfoods for fall so you can feel good about indulging. This roasted sweet potato salad is a new twist on a couple of classics. I’m sure we’ve all had plenty of sweet potato casseroles and sweet potato fries, but sweet potato salad? 

Mason jar salads, for healthy on-the-go

Between working, taking care of yourself and your family, leisure activities like sports or dance classes, eating and sleeping, it never seems like there are enough hours in the day. Sometimes things have to give and usually that’s eating healthy, but that’s the last thing you should give up because there’s a simple solution ­– Mason jar salads.

Barbecue sauce meets rice and the results are delicious

Right off the bat I did things a little differently. I bought raw chicken, cut it into bit sized chunks and cooked those in a pan. I would definitely recommend using precooked chicken (possibly some leftovers or rotisserie chicken) or at least adding a little seasoning to your chicken. I cooked mine plain and it was fine, but I would have loved a little extra kick.

Giving a New Meaning to Dressing on the Side -- Sandwich Dippers

Happy National Picnic Month! That’s right folks, August is National Picnic Month and for that reason we’re going to share our best on-the-go meal: sandwich dippers. Get your picnic baskets and blankets ready! The idea behind these sandwiches is simple and doesn’t even require a recipe because you can do just about whatever you want with it. All you need is a sandwich and your favorite sauce or dressing.

A Little History and a Lot of Flavor

I was in my grandmother’s kitchen one Sunday morning thinking to myself, why did I agree to do this? I was hunched over the counter, attempting to slice both bread and a cucumber while also mixing this strange concoction of mayonnaise and salad dressing as a spread for cucumber sandwiches? What are we, British dignitaries?

Green or Grain?

According to the Food Channel, one of the top salad trends of 2015 skips the green all together and instead has grains? Have you ever heard of freekeh? What about spelt, faro or most recognizably, quinoa? If you’re like me, you probably don’t even know how to begin trying to say those, let alone know what they are.

Fighting Heart Disease with Salad Dressing

I am what you would call a ‘health fact nut.’ I love finding random health tidbits on the internet that can inspire me to improve my diet and give me the mental push to continue with my healthy eating habits. Recently, I came across some new information which really inspired me to kick my salad-noshing habits into gear.

10 Random Facts You Never Knew About Dressings and Sauces

​Did you know?! Here's 10 fun facts about dressings and sauces that you'll never have guessed! First, did you know that in the 1930’s, you could buy a pint of mayonnaise for just 18 cents!​​ That's practically nothing!

Spicy Maryland Style Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are a North American classic! It is even rumored that the Native Americans themselves prepared this dish long before the arrival of our colonial ancestors due to the abundance of blue crabs the northeast has to offer.

Getting Spicy for the Game with Jalapeno Ranch

First and foremost, let me state that I am an inexperienced cook. I prefer my meals to be prepared with the touch of a button with the capability of being eaten on-the-go. I received my first electric mixer when I graduated from college and I still haven’t taken it out of the box.

Discovering My New ‘Go-To’ Salad for the Holidays

The holidays are here and so are the many holiday party invites that come along with it! My biggest dilemma during this time of the year is figuring out what to bring or contribute to a friend’s holiday festivity. 

Exploring New Horizons with Pizza

Before we dive into this new recipe, it is important to note that I am an avid pizza lover. I have a passion for pizza that goes well beyond the freezer or Friday night take-out. In fact, I even have a personal ranking system for take-out pizza based on taste, crunch, and overall ‘cheese coverage’.  Needless to say, I am a pizza-snob. So when I came across this recipe, I was hesitant to substitute traditional pizza sauce with Italian Dressing and mayonnaise. 

Find time to cook healthy with three simple tips!

By: Carolyn Reynaud MS, RD, LD. Carolyn is a registered dietitian specialized in preventative wellness and health promotion. Her main passion is nutrition for sustainable and realistic weight management.

My Journey through a Bottle… of Ranch Salad Dressing

Let me start by saying you MUST try this recipe. Cancel your dinner plans, forget the leftovers and head to the grocery store tonight to make this South of the Border Salad. I am still thinking about how delicious it was and am counting down the minutes until I can savor the leftovers at lunch. As a single, young professional I am always looking for ways to make my lifestyle more convenient, healthier and tasty. 

Journey through a bottle of salad dressing

Let’s face it: Many of us are often too tired to cook from scratch after a long day at work at the office or managing a family. I am certainly amongst those ranks. 

What are condiments?

Information about a wide variety of flavorful condiments from all over the globe.

Pumpin’ Up the Protein with Spicy Peach Chicken

March is National Nutrition Month which makes for an excellent excuse to make some adjustments to my daily diet before summer creeps in. Naturally, whenever I’m trying to be healthier I find myself leaning towards chicken and veggies as a main staple for healthy eating. Now I must admit that I tend to get bored with plain grilled chicken. So I was incredibly excited to try out this spicy Georgia peach chicken recipe.