Horseradish Guacamole

Horseradish Guacamole

4 Small Avocados, peeled and seeded
1/4 C. Lemon juice
1/2 C. Sour cream
3 Tbsp

Peppered Peach Chutney

1 (10.5 ounce) Can apricots in syrup, drained 
1 (8.5 ounce) Can sliced peaches in syrup, drained 
1/4 C. peach preserves (more for a

Recipe: Chipped Beef Cracker Spread

3 1/2 oz. dried chipped beef
2 Tbsp. butter
8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature

Recipe: Raw Vegetable Tray with Horseradish Vegetable Dip

1 (8-oz.) Carton T. Marzetti Horseradish Vegetable Dip [Chopped Salad]
Cut up assorted vegetables as follows and arrange neatly on a

Recipe: Potato-Cabbage Casserole

4 Medium Baking potatoes, peeled
1 C. Green cabbage, shredded
¼ Medium Onion, shredded

Recipe: Spicy Po' Boy Sandwich Spread

2 C. Mayonnaise
1 Tbls. Lemon juice
2 Tsp. Red wine vinegar
2 Tsp.

Recipe: Ranch House Beef Sandwich

4 Large Kaiser rolls
12 Oz. Roast Beef, thinly sliced
8 Slices
Red onion

Recipe: Pub Sandwich

1 C. Ranch dressing

1 tsp. Cream style horseradish

4 Onion rolls, split

Recipe: Acorn Squash Soup with Horseradish, Corned Beef and Toasted Walnuts

1-1/2 Lb. Lean corned beef
3 Qts. Water
Peppercorns, nutmeg, mace, bay leaf, juniperberries and cloves


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