Spicing Up School Lunches with Flavored Mayo

Packing lunches during the school year can cause complications on a daily basis. As children’s taste buds change their lunch choices become an open market.  Flavored mayonnaise has become a very popular go-to condiment 27 percent have tried it*. When you make your children’s daily lunches consider flavoring up their choices with a variety of mayonnaise flavors in their meals and snacks. If you’re in a rush to make school lunches in the morning and need to prepare a quick sandwich, try these ingredients for a chicken cutlet sandwich with herb mayonnaise.

Along with their main meal, it’s always a good idea to include a snack or side dish into children’s lunches. Veggies with flavored mayonnaise dip or delicious chicken salad with mayonnaise as the base are great go-to snacks and side dishes. Some popular mayonnaise dip flavors include bacon, roasted garlic, chipotle and Dijon.

Try these suggested flavored mayonnaise chipotle dips and chicken salad recipes to enhance your children’s lunches this school year or spice up your current recipe with other flavored mayonnaise. Share with us how you get creative with your mayonnaise recipes for school lunches via Facebook!   

*All data from the 2017 “Spoonable Salad Dressings Attitude & Usage Study”by The Association for Dressings and Sauces.