Salad on a Stick? Here's How and Why

We all know that salads can sometimes be difficult to take with you during the summer, but we also all want to eat healthier. So what can you do? We’ve talked about Mason jars as great travel companions, but you can also use something you probably have on hand from your last barbecue: skewers. A salad skewer makes a great hors d’oeuvre for a party or a side for a summer picnic and they’re super easy to make.

All you have to do is put your favorite salad recipe (green or fruit) on a stick and pack a container of dressing to go. It’s that simple.

Fruit salads are pretty self-explanatory. Take your skewer and put on your fruit slices in any order you want. Here’s a great fruit salad recipe if you’re looking for inspiration.

When it comes to green salad skewers, I’d suggest modifying one of your favorite wedge salad recipes. Here’s how you would assemble my favorite wedge salad recipe, found here.

First, gather your ingredients: Romaine lettuce, bacon, hardboiled eggs, golden beets, cherry tomatoes and bleu cheese dressing. Next, prepare all of your ingredients, peel, cook and cut your beets, boil your eggs, cook your bacon, etc. Full directions here.

Here’s how to turn this salad from a wedge salad into a salad skewer. You want to make sure everything is in a bite-sized chunk. This means cut your salad wedge and beets into small chunks, tear your bacon strips into about 1 inch slices (hopefully it’s not too crispy), cut the hardboiled eggs in half and leave the cherry tomato alone. Next, layer your skewer like you would layer your salad. Add a chunk of lettuce, a beet, some bacon, an egg and a tomato and repeat until you run out of skewer. Pack your bleu cheese dressing in a container to go and dip your salad skewer when you’re ready to eat.

The best part is that you can do this with just about any salad you want. In fact, the most popular type of salad skewer is a Caprese salad, which makes a great party snack. Find tons of other fruit and green salad skewer recipes on our Pinterest page here


Caitlin Hutchinson

The Association for Dressings & Sauces