Salad Dressing & Sauce Trends

You Can't Corral Some Folks' Taste for Ranch Dressing

Wall Street Journal | July 18, 2014
It looks like Ranch dressing is here to stay. In fact, some consumers can't even palate raw vegetables without the creamy condiment on hand. Ranch dressing isn't just having a moment in the vegetable world. Manufacturers are using the flavor to create products like ranch-flavored kale chips, and people are even dipping their fries, pizza or tacos in the creamy dressing. Click to read full article.

Dressings & Sauces: Cost, Cleanliness and Flavor Innovation

Food Business News | July 3, 2014
Cost, clean labels and flavor are top of mind for consumers of dressings and sauces. These trends are driving manufacturers to shorten their ingredient lists and substitute ingredients perceived as artificial with natural or recognizable ingredients while still maintaining quality flavor and shelf-life and keeping the product within consumer price points. Click here to read full article.

Trying to Get Kids to Eat Healthier? Don't Tell Them Veggies are Good for Them

Eureka Alerts | July 22, 2014
According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, kids are less likely to consume a food once they hear that its healthy. This theory was tested on children, ages 3-5, and found that children consumed less of a food when told it would make them strong. In conclusion, the study recommends for brands to market the positive experience associated with eating the foods and de-emphasize the health benefits. Click here to read full article.

Organic Sales Up 12 Percent

Food Processing | June 2014
According to data released by the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic products in the U.S. grew nearly 12 percent in 2013 with the condiment industry boasting the highest growth rate. Consumers continue to correlate health with what they consume and the demand for clean products will only continue to rise. Click here to read full article.

Dressings and Sauces sales trends

Gorging on Gluten-Free

Prepared Foods, June 2013

A study published in the August 2012 American Journal of Gastroenterology found that 1.6 million American consumers follow a gluten-free diet even though they have not been diagnosed with celiac disease. Research led by...

Dressings and Sauces Industry Trends

Consumers Liven up Dishes with New Sauces and Marinades

Food Processing, May 2013

Barbecue sauces, cooking sauces and marinades offer culinary arts in a bottle, and appear to have a bright future. Mintel Group is forecasting three percent annual increases in dollar...