July 2015

Read on for the Recipe of the Month: Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups,
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This month’s edition includes information on the new clean label standard, Food Marketing Institute’s inaugural produce purchasing survey results, consumer label-savviness in Asia, new trends in American consumption habits and a desire for more vegetarian options.

Clean Label Has Become Industry Standard, Says Innova
Food Navigator – July 1, 2015

‘Clean label’ is no longer a niche trend – it is now standard across the food industry, according to a report from Innova Market Insights.

Generally speaking, clean label is an industry term referring to efforts that respond to consumer demand for more natural foods and drinks – removing artificial ingredients and simplifying ingredient lists, for example. However, ‘natural’ is only clearly defined in the EU in regulation related to flavourings, while ‘clean label’ refers to a broader idea of wholesomeness, minimal processing, and transparency about what a product contains.

FMI Launches Inaugural Power Of Produce Study
Grocery Headquarters – June 9, 2015

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) released its inaugural report at FMI Connect, The Power of Produce 2015, which explores changes in shoppers’ produce purchasing trends and behaviors at retail. The new study features a fresh insight for the produce retail industry by highlighting the full path to purchase, from mega trends and pre-trip preparation through the actual purchase and consumption, followed by shopper suggestions to improve the produce department.

Demand For Natural Colours Is Going Global, Finds 5000-Strong Survey
Food Navigator – July 7, 2015

Asian consumers are becoming increasingly label-savvy, surpassing consumers in the US and Europe – just over half (53%) of Europeans took a critical look at the label of a food or drink product before putting it in their sopping trolley compared with 84% of Asians.

GNT – Dutch manufacturer of natural colourings derived from fruit vegetables and edible plants – commissioned the survey from a market research institute, which then used the results to draw up five different consumer types across the world.

NPD Eyes Five Key Trends
Prepared Foods – June 9, 2015

Sluggish restaurant traffic growth and stalled sales in the center aisles at grocery stores are evidence that US consumers’ eating behaviors are evolving.

The growing influence of Hispanics, Millennials going through life stages, aging boomers, smaller households, and the need for fresh and non-processed foods are among the factors driving the shift in what and how consumers eat, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company.

Consumers Call For More Vegetarian, Vegan Options
Prepared Foods – June 11, 2015

As consumers’ definition of health evolves, so do their dining demands. Younger consumers are increasingly concerned about health, social responsibility and sustainability, and they call for more offerings that satisfy their vegetarian- or vegan-leaning ways, according to Technomic’s recent “Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report.”

Recipe of the Month

Click here to see our spicy recipe of the month: Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups.

A combination of hot sauce, wonton wrappers, jalapeno pepper and green onion, these little bites are sure to leave your mouth on fire!

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Recipe and photograph courtesy of T. Marzetti Company.