Giving a New Meaning to Dressing on the Side -- Sandwich Dippers

Happy National Picnic Month! That’s right folks, August is National Picnic Month and for that reason we’re going to share our best on-the-go meal: sandwich dippers. Get your picnic baskets and blankets ready!

The idea behind these sandwiches is simple and doesn’t even require a recipe because you can do just about whatever you want with it. All you need is a sandwich and your favorite sauce or dressing.

Sandwich dippers were named as a top 10 sandwich and salad trends of 2015 by the Food Channel. They called it, “Beyond French Dip,” which basically is just a trend based on putting your sauce on the side of your sandwich. What makes this perfect for a picnic is that you can avoid the soggy bread that sometimes happens when you have to make a sandwich too far in advance.

Simplicity is my friend, so I typically make my sandwiches with whatever is left over in the refrigerator.  Usually that consists of some leftover grilled chicken, some lettuce and maybe some bell peppers on ciabatta bread.

What’s nice about the dippers is that you can have several different flavors without having to pack several different sandwiches. For example, to go with my grilled chicken sandwich I would pack ranch, honey mustard and spicy mustard. Each has its own distinguishable taste, but they don’t really all go together well on a single sandwich. If you need more ideas of how to make your sandwich dippers, check out these recipes.

In order to turn a plain old sandwich into a sandwich dipper, all you have to do is cut it into thirds (for ciabatta bread) so that you have long skinny rectangles and packed your dressing/sauce in a small container to-go. Then you’re almost picnic ready!

All that’s left is to pick a spot for your picnic. I’d suggest any of your local or state parks.

Happy picnicking! 


Caitlin Hutchinson

The Association for Dressings & Sauces