Committee Descriptions

Executive Technical Board
The Executive Technical Board (ETB) works with staff to direct and supervise the ADS Technical Program, which ensures that Association members remain proactive on technical issues affecting the industry (e.g., labeling, food safety, processing, and preservation).  The ETB meets four times per year January, Spring Technical Meeting, August and the Fall Annual Meeting.  Committees operating under the purview of the ETB include the Technical and Quality Assurance Committees.  These Committees meet once per year during the Technical Meeting and are open to observers as well as Committee members.

Technical Committee
The Technical Committee undertakes research projects with a focus on ingredients, finished products, methods, equipment and instrumentation to advance the knowledge of the dressings and sauces industry.   Participants of the Technical Committee will make presentations during the 2017 Technical Meeting on the following topics:

  • Hot to Cold Process BBQ Sauce
  • Egg Replacement for Ranch Dressing and Mayonnaise
  • Formulating a “Cleaner” Ranch Dressing

Quality Assurance Committee
The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) reviews new instrumentation and analyses for dressings and sauces, and ensures that the ADS technical manuals - Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) Manual and the Methods and Procedures Manual (MAPMAN) - remain current and progressive.

The Committee is currently working on review of the following sections in ADS’ Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) Manual and Methods and Procedures Manual (MAPMAN):

  • "Bulk Carrier Guidelines," Section VI of the QAG Manual and Section I of the MAPMAN
  • "Federal Regulations," Section I of the QAG Manual
  • "Food Industry Audit Guidelines," Section XIII of the QAG Manual
  • "Microbiological Preservation Chart for Condiments and Sauces with pH 4.2 and Below," Section IV of the QAG Manual

Lance Roberie of Food Safety & Quality Services, LLC will present, “FSMA Final Rule for Mitigation Strategies To Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration.”

ADS Packaging Committee
The Packaging Committee continues its efforts to develop two troubleshooting guides, which will focus on flexible pouches (form-fill-seal single serve) and rigid packaging.  Olivier Muggli, VP of Technology of Winpak Ltd., will present the topic, “Packaging Trends” during the meeting.

ADS’ Communications Update
An update will be provided on ADS’ communications tactics for 2017.

Supplier Advisory Committee
The Supplier Advisory Committee (SAC) capitalizes on Supplier talent to improve Association programs for the benefit of all ADS members.  Improving communications between Suppliers and Manufacturers, the Committee members serve as Goodwill Ambassadors, welcoming new members and first-time attendees at ADS Meetings. 

Membership Council
The ADS Membership Council promotes membership in the Association through member endorsement.  The Council also focuses on member retention and satisfaction.