Comfort Foods for the Fall












The leaves have fallen and weather is cooling down. Comfort food piles into your refrigerator for your daily needs. If you’re in need of flavorful comfort dish suggestions, we have provided three options to keep you comfortable this Fall season.

Pizza is a sure sign of comfort food for the soul. Prepare this Chicken Caesar Pizza for all of your needs. On each pizza shell, swirl creamy Caesar dressing. Spread the dressing on evenly until entire shell is covered. Layer shell with sliced tomatoes, grilled chicken slices and parmesan cheese. Bake thoroughly. Cut and serve your chicken Caesar with your favorite drink option of choice.

If you’re a potato lover then these “French” Fried Bacon Cheese Fries are sure to be on your top ten potato list this fall. Start by cooking frozen French fries until done. Broil your fries topped with onions, bacon and cheese. Drizzle French dressing on top. Pair your loaded fries with a cup of hot chocolate filled with lots of cream and marshmallows.  

Curl up on the couch with a bowl of Ultimate Chicken. Start by adding some flavor to your chicken breasts with seasoning. Sear your well-seasoned chicken until done. Keep the chicken warm as you sauté apples, celery and shallots. In a saucepan, heat blue cheese dressing until warm. On a plate, arrange spinach and top with your previously cooked vegetables, apples and chicken. Drizzle heated blue cheese dressing on top and sprinkle pine nuts for an extra crunch. Serve your Ultimate Chicken dish with a cup of ice cold tea.

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