The Breakout Star: Mayonnaise

Lights, Camera, Action! As a flavorful smooth ingredient that enhances various meals, mayonnaise has become a breakout star. Mayonnaise has had featured roles in numerous recipes from your traditional sandwiches or wraps to becoming a nontraditional baking ingredient. Make mayonnaise your classic breakout star using these suggested recipes.

Scene 1: Lunch time traditions

Sandwiches and wraps are more than likely to be cast as a custom meal for an everyday lunch choice. Whether you’re producing a spicy mayonnaise sandwich or a Sicilian tomato-basil wrapwich, mayonnaise is always a good addition. Spread your favorite flavored mayonnaise across a tasty tortilla. Then, transition to pile on fresh veggies such as tomatoes, romaine lettuce, basil leaves and more. Roll and fold your stuffed tortilla then enjoy your tasty wrap!

Scene 2: Innovative Marinades

Pan to flavoring using the top choice of mayonnaise as the unconventional way of adding essence to your poultry dish*. Zoom in to juicy steaks and savory chicken to be marinated with your choice of mayonnaise. Season your choice of meat with any flavor of mayonnaise. Bake or grill to perfection then chow down on your well-seasoned meat.

Scene 3: Desserts for Late Night

Mayonnaise has become an unusual addition to our normal baking ingredients*. If you’re looking for the perfect sweet late night snack to wrap up your night, try candied curried nuts. Select your favorite mixed nuts and sugar as the supporting cast. Blend the selected mixed nuts and sugar together with the star of the show, mayonnaise. Bake to perfection until you can say, “It’s a wrap”!

*All data from the 2017 “Spoonable Salad Dressings Wave 2 Preliminary Report “by The Association for Dressings and Sauces.