What does your salad dressing say about you?

Everyone has a favorite ‘go-to’ salad dressing. So it’s safe to assume that among the thousands of choices out there, consumers catch themselves grabbing for their favorite salad dressing time and again. 

Therefore (much to our dismay or surprise) researchers report that our choices have a lot to say about our personal selves. According to a Telenation survey done for the Association for Dressings and Sauces, your salad dressing flavor preference says a lot about you:

People who prefer Ranch dressing – today’s most popular salad dressing – are typically younger adults with children. They like to be healthy, but they have less time and energy for exercise and healthful eating.

Blue Cheese fans are among the wittiest of salad dressing users and are most likely to be middle-aged and male. Most do not participate in a regular fitness regimen and tend to favor leisure activities such as reading and watching television.

Italian Dressing lovers love to try new things and have an adventurous spirit. Italian lovers are also more likely to dress in the latest fashions, have Internet access and work in professional jobs.

Most Thousand Island users enjoy social activities as well as cultural activities, such as concerts and plays. They even see themselves as sociable, which may explain why most are in executive or managerial jobs that require a lot of social contact.

French Dressing fans are less likely to be outgoing and more likely to be shy compared to others. They also see themselves as less witty and less spontaneous.