Achievements in New Products and Services

During the 2017 Technical Meeting for The Association for Dressings & Sauces, attendees of the New Products and Services Presentations selected the top four products deemed to be the most relevant to the dressings and sauces industry.  The products were evaluated based on criteria including the product is new to the dressings and sauces industry, is innovative, and is of benefit to the dressings and sauces industry.

Hydro-Thermal Corporation - SilverLine Continuous Cooking System

The SilverLine is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless steel food and beverage processing system designed to cook recipes exactly as specified, replacing heat exchangers and kettles. It mixes steam and liquid foods completely while delivering precise and consistent temperature control, instantaneous heating and no scaling or fouling of the product. SilverLine is the latest innovation from global manufacturer, Hydro-Thermal. They have 80 years of steam heating expertise for applications in a vast array of industries.

CP Kelco - Keltrol® LAX-T Xanthan Gum

KELTROL® LAX-T xanthan gum is a unique offering for the market representing an evolution in stabilization.  It’s unique combination of properties include:

  • Enhanced suspension compared with standard xanthan gum enhancing emulsion and particulate suspension
  • Guaranteed rapid hydration and enhanced hydration in salt & acid to improve processing times and processes
  • Enhanced acid stability - superior to standard xanthan gum in long shelf life, extreme pH products like raspberry vinaigrette ensuring consistent viscosity throughout  the shelf life
  • Sparkling transparency ensuring crystal clear vinaigrettes 

Ingredion Incorporated - VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT Proteins and HOMECRAFT® Pulse CT Flours

Pulse ingredients, derived from dried seeds such as peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas, are of particular interest due to their high nutritional values and health benefits. Clean taste HOMECRAFT® Pulse CT Flours and VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT Proteins address a key challenge in formulating with pulse based ingredients, the flavor profile. One of the challenges that product developers face when working with plant based ingredients such as pulses is the natural, beany flavor profile.  In certain applications the flavor profile may be desired while in other applications product developers may prefer a bland flavor profile.  These clean taste pulse ingredients undergo a proprietary physical treatment that reduces beany/legume and earthy flavors while maintaining a clean, simple label declaration and allowing for ease of use formulation in a range of applications.

Neogen Corporation - NeoSeek Genomic Testing Services

Neogen Corporation’s NeoSeek Genomic Testing Service includes Next Generation Sequencing.  NGS provides food processors with new information around food, their production environments and threats to food safety that were not previously accessible through conventional testing methods.  With NGS, a food company can more thoroughly perform trouble-shooting, identify source of microbial issues, and determine root cause analysis, which will result in safer food products.